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Virtual Airline based on the X-Plane flight simulator.
Our MISSION STATEMENT is simple: Enhance the X-Plane Experience

About Alliance Airways

On February, 2011, a collaboration between two experienced X-Plane enthusiasts across the continental United States emerged, (one from Florida and the other from California) and Alliance Airways (AXX) was born. With two hubs, KMIA and KDFW (Alliance Headquarters), Alliance Airways was an overnight success. Our MISSION STATEMENT is simple: Enhance the X-Plane Experience.

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Flight School

Alliance Airways is not associated with any official FAA training centers, however, our pilots conduct aviaiton operations as close to real life as possible within the X-Plane virtual environment. Not everyone that joins Alliance Airways, is proficient in aviation procedures and operations. The goal of the Alliance Flight School is to help Alliance Airways pilots become proficient in all aspects of aviation, from VFR flight, to advance IFR operations and procedures. Pilots that wish to further their aviation knowledge can do so through the use of our numerous flight school tutorials, or hands-on personalized flight training from our flight instructors and mentors.

Flight Certifications

From basic VFR to hard core IFR, pilots seeking realism will be challenged by the numerous, certification flights. Alliance Airways works closely with the VATSIM ZLA Certification program to ensure that Alliance Airways pilots are amongst the best in the world while conducting online or offline operations. Once you have mastered the topics and lessons found in the Alliance Airway's Flight School Training Center, it is time to test your aviation knowledge and skills in the form of certification flights. Each time a pilot passes a certification flight, a pin will be added to their Pilot ID Badge to reflect their accomplishment. Learn more about our certifications by going to the Certification Center.

Flight Schedules

At Alliance Airways, pilots are not restricted to flying only Alliance Airways aircraft listed on the flight schedules. Any 3rd party aircraft can be used for any Alliance scheduled flight that is of the same ICAO family listed on the scheduled flight. Through the use of heavy aircraft, general aviation, small jets, helicopters, and race aircraft, Alliance Airways is more than your traditional VA. At Alliance, we are more than just flight scheduels and traditional airline operations. Pilots can conduct search and rescue missions (Special Operations), take passengers on a charter flight anywhere around the world (Charter Operations), take a hydrogen driven plane out on the race course (Racing Division), conduct tours over Mt Everest (Tours & Charters), the possibilities are endless at Alliance Airways.

Charter and Alliance Flights

No need to worry if your favorite route is not found in the Alliance Airways Flight Schedules. Pilots with a rank of Private Pilot (PPL) and above can chose to fly from any departure airport to any arrival airport around the world, creating endless possibilities of airports to visit and aircraft to operate. Charter Flights - Alliance pilots may operate any Alliance Airways aircraft that they are qualified to fly between airports of their choice. These flights are reported as Charter flights. Alliance Flights - Alliance pilots may operate any 3rd party (Non-Alliance Airways) aircraft between airports of their choice. These flights are reported at Alliance Flights.


Alliance Airways prides itself in quality, and attention to detail, and our scenery is no exception. Our Research and Development scenery team is continuously releasing scenery from all four corners of the world. Alliance contains its very own scenery library from which many sceneries are developed. We are well known for our photo realistic terrain in many of our scenery packages. Our scenery team is amongst the best, and we have won the best scenery package of the year in 2012. As the X-Plane scenery platform evolves, so does our scenery, becoming more realistic and better than ever.


Alliance Airways offers a comprehensive aircraft fleet. From long range heavies such as the A380, supersonic transport such as the Concorde, turbo props such as the Dash 8, general aviation such as the C150, and racing aircraft such as the EZ Rocket, just to name a few. As pilots accumulate flight hours, they are promoted to higher ranks, which rewards pilots with exciting new aircraft every step of the way. Our Research and Development aircraft team takes pride in engineering aircraft with upmost quality and flight model precision.

Pilot and Operation Services

Alliance Airways offers a variaty of pilot and operational services to conduct your flight saftly as possible and with an enhanced data setting

Airport Information

Detailed information for selected airports for our flight operations

Operational Flightplan

Coming soon: detailed operational flight plan for scheduled and charter flights.

Tour and Charters

Selected tours and charters to extend your flight experience, exploring new airfields arround the world.

FlyIn Events

Community events where we fly together and have a lot of fun. Meet our crews here!


Crew Members flying for Alliance-Airways


Flights recorded via ACARS system.


Destinations served in world wide operations.


Hours Flighttime reported by our crews.

Monthly statistics here.


Alliance Airways has an complete and unique fleet management portfolio to conduct schedule and charter flights. Not only supporting X-Plane 11, also we support legacy X-Plane versions 10 and 9.

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  • Heavy
  • Pax
  • Cargo
  • Commuter
  • General Aviation
  • Race
  • Special Ops
  • Historic

Airbus A319 CEO

Airbus A320 CEO

Airbus A330-200

Airbus A340-300

Airbus A380-800

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Boeing 717-200

Boeing 737-400

Boeing 737-800NG

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400 Cargo

Boeing B757-200

Boeing 757-300

Boeing 767-300

Boeing 777-200

Beachcraft King Air

Lockheed C-130

Cessna C150

Cessna C172 N

Cessna C172 SP

Cessna C182

Cessna C208 Gran Caravan

Aerospitale Concorde

BOMBARDIER Regional Jet CRJ-100

BOMBARDIER Regional Jet CRJ-200


De Havilland Canada Dash 8-100


Management Team

Alliance Airways management team

Antonio Sanchez


Dan Humphries


Hansjörg Stipp


Barry Pearl

Board Member

Steve Boots

Board Member

Daniel Lockwood

Board Member

Roberto Negron

America Region Manager

Douglas Lee

Asia and Oceania Region Manager

Don Ernst

European & African Region Manager


To apply for joining us just send us the contact information on the right side and you'll receive an email with further information. Feel free to contact us any time!


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