ICAONameCategoryMax Range
B744F Boeing 747-400 FreighterCargo Heavy4445 NM
B748 *Boeing 747-800 FreighterCargo Heavy8000 NM
DC87F *DC-8-71F Michael WilsonCargo Heavy2900 NM
MD11F McDonnell Douglas 11 CargoCargo Heavy3950 NM
B734 Boeing 737-446 CargoCargo Light2105 NM
C208 Cessna 208B CargoCargo Light1080 NM
DHC2 *SMS DHC2 Alliance CargoCargo Light455 NM
AC50 *Nimbus AC500S High ResCommuter1078 NM
B190 *Propflyer Beech 1900DCommuter440 with passengers NM
B377 Boeing StratocruiserCommuterTBD
BE18 *Beech 18Commuter1200 NM
BE20 King Air B200Commuter406 NM
BE9L *Carenado C90 King AirCommuterTBD
BN2P *Skycycle Britten-Norman BN-2 IslanderCommuter874 NM
C185 *Carenado Cessna C185 (pass and cargo)CommuterTBD
C340 *Carenado Cessna C340CommuterTBD
C404 *Cessna TitanCommuter1800 NM
D228 *Dornier Do 228Commuter214 NM
DC3 *Douglas DC-3Commuter1500 NM
DH3T *De Havilland Turbo OtterCommuter1000 NM
DHC3 *De Havilland OtterCommuter945 NM
DHC6 *De Havilland Twin OtterCommuter989 NM
E110 *Embraer BanderiranteCommuter1060 NM
E120 *Embraer EMB 120 BrasiliaCommuter945 NM
J328 Fairchild 328-310Commuter1660 NM
JS31 Jetstream 31Commuter640 NM
JS32 *BAe Super 31Commuter680 NM
KODI *Quest KodiakCommuter1134 NM
L1049 Lockheed ConstellationCommuterTBD
L410 *Let 410Commuter820 NM
P180 *Piaggio P.180 AvantiCommuter1,510 NM
P3 Lockheed P-3 OrionCommuterTBD
PC12 Pilatus PC12Commuter1953 NM
PC6P *Pilatus PorterCommuter320 NM
PC6T *Pilatus Turbo PorterCommuter394 NM
YK40 *YAK 40CommuterTBD
BE17 *Beech StaggerwingGeneral AviationTBD
BE35 *Beech Bonanza V35General AviationTBD
BE36 *Beech Bonanza 36General Aviation716 NM
BE58 *Beech BaronGeneral AviationTBD
BE60 *Beech DukeGeneral Aviation1227 NM
C177 *Cessna CardinalGeneral AviationTBD
C182 Cessna 182T SkylaneGeneral Aviation927 NM
C195 *Cessna BusinesslinerGeneral AviationTBD
C206 *Cessna StationairGeneral Aviation840 NM
C207 *Cessna SkywagonGeneral Aviation800 NM
C210 *Cessna CenturionGeneral Aviation900 NM
C377 *Carenado Cessna 377 SkymasterGeneral AviationTBD
COL4 *Columbia 400General AviationTBD
DA40 *Diamond DA-40General AviationTBD
DA42 *Aerobask Diamond DA42General Aviation1052 NM
EA50 *Eclipse 550General AviationTBD
EPIC *Epic DynastyGeneral Aviation1300 NM
EVIC *Epic VictoryGeneral AviationTBD
J3 *Piper ClubGeneral AviationTBD
LEG2 *Lancair LegacyGeneral AviationTBD
M20P *Mooney M20JGeneral AviationTBD
P46T *Piper MeridianGeneral Aviation1484 NM
PA22 *Piper TriPacerGeneral AviationTBD
PA23 *Piper AztecGeneral AviationTBD
PA28 *Piper CherokeeGeneral AviationTBD
PA31 Navajo PantherGeneral AviationTBD
PA32 *Pipe SaratogaGeneral Aviation800 NM
PA34 *Carenado PA34 SenecaGeneral AviationTBD
PA38 *Piper TomahawkGeneral AviationTBD
PA44 *Piper SeminoleGeneral AviationTBD
PA46 *Piper MalibuGeneral Aviation1343 NM
PIPA *Pipistrel PantheraGeneral AviationTBD
SF50 *Cirrus Vision SF50General Aviation600 NM
SR20 *Cirrus SR-20General AviationTBD
SR22 *Cirrus SR-22General Aviation1049 NM
ST75 *Stearman KaydetGeneral AviationTBD
WACF *Waco YMF5General AviationTBD
B06 *B206Helos374 NM
B407 Bell 407HelosTBD
B412 Bell 412HelosTBD
B429 *timber61 Bell 429Helos390 NM
EC35 *Eurocopter EC-135Helos343 NM
EC45 *Eurocopter EC-145Helos426 NM
H500 *MD500Helos287 NM
S61 Sea King_XP9HelosTBD
S76 *Sikorsky S-76Helos411 NM
S92 *Sikorsky S-92Helos539 NM
A332 Airbus 330-200Long Range6750 NM
A333 *Airbus A320-300Long Range5670 NM
A343 Airbus 340-300ERLong Range5670 NM
A359 *A350-900Long RangeTBD
B752 Boeing 757-200Long Range3920 NM
B753 Boeing 757-300Long Range3395 NM
B763 Boeing 767-300Long Range5878 NM
B788 Boeing 787-800 DreamlinerLong Range7650 NM
CONC Concorde SSTLong Range3900 NM
DC86 *Douglas DC-8-60Long Range3500 NM
DC87 *Douglas DC-8-70Long Range5300 NM
IL96 *IL-96Long Range5940 NM
L101 *Lockheed L1011 TristarLong Range6100 NM
MD11 McDonnell Douglas 11 ERLong Range7240 NM
A21N Airbus A321-200 NEOMedium Range3650 NM
A319 Airbus 319-132Medium Range3700 NM
A320 Airbus 320-200Medium Range3045 NM
A320/A32 *Riviere A320 + A321 NEOMedium Range3750 NM
A321 *A321Medium Range8100 NM
B703 *Boeing 707-300Medium Range5000 NM
B712 Boeing B717-200Medium Range2060 NM
B712X Boeing B717-200 High RollerMedium Range2060 NM
B721 *Boeing 727-100Medium Range2250 NM
B722 *727-200Medium Range2645 NM
B732 *737-200Medium Range7500 NM
B733 *Boeing B737-300Medium RangeTBD
B737 *Boeing B737-700Medium Range3010 NM
B738 Boeing 737-800Medium Range2050 NM
DC4 *Douglas DC-4Medium Range3693 NM
DC6 *Douglas DC-6Medium Range3561 NM
E190 *X-Crafts E195LRMedium Range2625 NM
E195 *Embraer 195Medium RangeTBD
MD80 *McDonnell Douglas 80Medium RangeTBD
MD82 *McDonald Douglas MD-82Medium Range2051 NM
MD88 *McDonnell Douglas MD-88Medium Range2372 NM
MD90 McDonnell Douglas 90-30Medium Range2785 NM
CR01 Cassutt RacerRaceTBD
P51 Mustang-Precious MetalRaceTBD
A148 *AN-148-100Short Range3700 NM
AT45 *AT42-500Short Range621 NM
AT75 *ATR72-500 Aerosoft McPhatShort Range715 NM
CRJ1 Canadair 100Short Range980 NM
CRJ2 Canadair 200Short Range1700 NM
CRJ7 Canadair 700Short Range1984 NM
DH8A Dash8 Q100Short Range1044 NM
DH8D Dash8 Q400_XP9Short Range1360 NM
E135 *ERJ135 and 140Short Range1650 NM
E145 *EMBRAER ERJ 145Short Range1550 NM
E170 Embraer 170-100 AR_XP9Short Range2100 NM
F27 *Fokker F27-600Short Range5940 NM
RJ1H *BAe RJ-100Short Range1800 NM
RJ70 *BAe RJ-70Short Range1800 NM
RJ85 *BAe RJ-85Short Range1800 NM
S210 *Sud CaravelleShort Range920 NM
SF34 *Saab 340Short Range1732 NM
SU95 *SUKHOI Superjet 100-95Short Range1894 NM
B609 Bell/Agusta 609 TiltrotorSpecial OperationsTBD
C130 C130 HerculesSpecial Operations1334 NM
CAT *Consolidated CatalinaSpecial Operations2500 NM
CL2T Bombardier CL-415 SuperScooperSpecial OperationsTBD
G21 *Grumman GooseSpecial Operations557 NM
C560 Citation V UltraSpecialty1960 NM
C750 Citation XSpecialty3390 NM
CL30 *Challenger 300SpecialtyTBD
FA7X *Dassault Falcon 7XSpecialty5950 NM
GLF4 *Gulftream G-IVSpecialty4220 NM
GLF5 Gulfstream 550Specialty6000 NM
HA4T *Hawker 400Specialty3280 NM
L29B JetStar IISpecialty2600 NM
LJ60 Lear Jet 60Specialty2418 NM
C150 Cessna 150TrainingTBD
C152 *Carenado Cessna C152TrainingTBD
C172 *Carenado Cessna 172NTrainingTBD
C172N Cessna 172NTrainingTBD
C172S Cessna 172STrainingTBD
P28A Warrior IITrainingTBD
PA18 Piper Super CubTrainingTBD
PA18F Piper Super Cub_FloatsTrainingTBD
B772 Boeing 777-200LRUltra Range7500 NM
B77L *Boeing 777-200LRUltra Range7500 NM
A388 Airbus 380-842Ultra Range Heavy8000 NM
B744 Boeing 747-400Ultra Range Heavy7335 NM
* = 3rd Party Aicraft