Flight Log for Michael Molitor

Limited by actual and last two months
Dep. Time PIREP Type of
Flight No/
Scheduled Flight
Online Aircraft From To FT Bonus PAX Cargo Fuel Pts Flight Plan
19-11-03, 11:36 ZAcarsCargoCRG2944/YNOB734/AXXLTAILFML3.40.0033000 lbs21274 lbs9.8Flight Plan
19-10-31, 07:41 ZAcarsCharterCHR233/NNOB738EDDVLTAI3.60.01824800 lbs20884 lbs8.2Flight Plan
19-10-28, 07:35 ZAcarsCharterCHR7356/NNOB738HEGNEDDV5.30.01666500 lbs29816 lbs8.95Flight Plan
19-10-25, 06:59 ZAcarsCharterCHR3284/NNOB738GCFVHEGN6.40.01770 lbs11789 lbs10.6Flight Plan
19-10-22, 09:53 ZAcarsTransStarAXR4003/YNOB738EGBBGCFV4.00.01684400 lbs23555 lbs11Flight Plan
19-10-18, 13:33 ZAcarsTransStarAXR4131/YNOB738LEIBEGBB2.60.0625600 lbs12333 lbs8.2Flight Plan
19-10-16, 14:08 ZAcarsCargoCRG0603/YNOB734/AXXEHAMLEIB2.50.0012927 lbs15783 lbs8Flight Plan
19-10-09, 10:00 ZAcarsAirlineAXX3209/YNOB738ENGMEHAM2.20.018430390 lbs11341 lbs7.4Flight Plan
19-10-08, 10:15 ZAcarsAirlineAXX3204/YNOB738EGLLENGM2.00.016446517 lbs10765 lbs7Flight Plan
19-10-07, 20:02 ZAcarsAirlineAXX3227/YNOB738EDDLEGLL1.70.0630 lbs11712 lbs6.4Flight Plan
19-10-04, 09:45 ZAcarsCharterCHR1184/NNOB738/AXXLTBSEDDL3.70.01450 lbs17777 lbs8.4Flight Plan
* - Flight time contains bonus
U - Verification of flight by region manager is pending
AXX - Aircraft used was an Alliance Airways Aircraft

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