Flight Log for Randy Shore

Limited by actual and last two months
Dep. Time PIREP Type of
Flight No/
Scheduled Flight
Online Aircraft From To FT Bonus PAX Cargo Fuel Pts Flight Plan
19-10-30, 09:14 ZAcarsTestTST090/NVATSIMCR01/AXXKRTSKRTS0.30.0010 lbs10 lbs5Flight Plan
19-10-30, 08:45 ZAcarsTestTST098/NVATSIMP51KRTSKRTS0.30.0010 lbs472 lbs5Flight Plan
19-09-30, 23:30 ZAcarsTestTST124/NVATSIMP51KRTSKRTS0.30.0010 lbs468 lbs5Flight Plan
19-09-30, 22:41 ZAcarsTestTST248/NVATSIMLGEZ/AXXKRTSKRTS0.30.0010 lbs62 lbs5Flight Plan
19-09-02, 08:53 ZAcarsTestTST067/NVATSIMLGEZ/AXXKRTSKRTS0.20.0010 lbs66 lbs5Flight Plan
19-09-02, 08:20 ZAcarsTestTST066/NVATSIMP51/AXXKRTSKRTS0.30.0010 lbs535 lbs5Flight Plan
* - Flight time contains bonus
U - Verification of flight by region manager is pending
AXX - Aircraft used was an Alliance Airways Aircraft

Routes Map:

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