Flight Log for Tracy Mercier

Limited by actual and last two months
Dep. Time PIREP Type of
Flight No/
Scheduled Flight
Online Aircraft From To FT Bonus PAX Cargo Fuel Pts Flight Plan
19-11-10, 05:32 ZAcarsTransStarAXR1768/YNOCRJ2/AXXCYULKBOS* 1.10.1561500 lbs1815 lbs5.2Flight Plan
19-11-03, 23:37 ZAcarsAirlineAXX1491/YNOCRJ2/AXXKSDFKJAN1.60.0460 lbs2338 lbs6.2Flight Plan
19-10-30, 23:41 ZAcarsCharterCHR240/NNOB744EGCCCYZZ8.50.036810500 lbs175007 lbs13.75Flight Plan
19-10-13, 17:27 ZAcarsCharterCHR440/NNOB744RJTTRPLL4.20.036252000 lbs67761 lbs9.4Flight Plan
19-10-05, 23:49 ZAcarsCargoCRG1778/YNOB744KMEMKBDL2.50.037500 lbs54762 lbs8Flight Plan
19-09-25, 03:09 ZAcarsCharterCHR247/NNOB744KATLKPHX3.70.03762100 lbs64347 lbs8.4Flight Plan
19-09-10, 02:11 ZAcarsCharterCHR249/NNOB738/AXXKMDWKPHL1.60.01171600 lbs8253 lbs4.2Flight Plan
19-09-04, 02:42 ZAcarsCharterCHR255/NNOB738/AXXGCTSLPMA1.10.01291530 lbs5957 lbs3.2Flight Plan
19-09-02, 10:16 ZAcarsAirlineAXX1452/YNOCRJ2/AXXKSATKMSY1.50.045950 lbs2219 lbs6Flight Plan
* - Flight time contains bonus
U - Verification of flight by region manager is pending
AXX - Aircraft used was an Alliance Airways Aircraft

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