Alliance Airways Airport Information Sheet

Basic Airport Information
ICAO: Latitude:33.640278
Name: Atlanta International Longitude:-84.426944
Classification: E Elevation:1026 ft
Country: US - United States AXX Scenery:-- no --
Info currently unavailable.

Current METAR:
Unable to read METAR information via global web service.

Flight Records To/From in last 28 Days
Date Pilot Aircraft Orig. Dest. FT PAX Cargo Special Event
2019-11-08DONALD MONTEAUMD90KBWIKATL1.8 hrs954500 lbs
2019-11-08Darren SwartzbaughCRJ2KATLKMSY1.8 hrs470 lbs
2019-11-04David RoarkB75FKATLKSDF1.2 hrs038400 lbs
2019-11-03david mooreMD90KORDKATL1.6 hrs135100 lbs
2019-11-02Barry PearlB738KORDKATL1.6 hrs0100 lbs
2019-11-01Darren SwartzbaughCRJ2KATLKJAX1.1 hrs480 lbs
2019-10-30Darren SwartzbaughCRJ2KJANKATL1.3 hrs480 lbs
2019-10-28Roberto NegronB738KATLKDCA1.5 hrs15149027 lbs
2019-10-27Roberto NegronB738KSTLKATL1.5 hrs14155801 lbs
2019-10-25Deon Von WiellighB738KATLKORD1.1 hrs11428471 lbs
2019-10-25Deon Von WiellighA320KFLLKATL1.6 hrs9323357 lbsXTREMETFFJ Tour
2019-10-22David RoarkB75FKSDFKATL1.3 hrs057600 lbs
2019-10-18Deon Von WiellighE145KATLKSFB1.7 hrs256830 lbsXTREMETFFJ Tour

Flight Map:

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