Alliance Airways Airport Information Sheet

Basic Airport Information
ICAO: Latitude:33.942500
Name: Los Angeles International Longitude:-118.408056
Classification: E Elevation:125 ft
Country: US - United States AXX Scenery:In Scenery Hangar
Info currently unavailable.

Current METAR:
Unable to read METAR information via global web service.

Flight Records To/From in last 28 Days
Date Pilot Aircraft Orig. Dest. FT PAX Cargo Special Event
2019-11-10Francisco RuizB738KMIAKLAX5.6 hrs1602000 lbs
2019-11-10Francisco RuizB738KLAXKMIA4.9 hrs1603000 lbs
2019-11-09Francisco RuizB738KJFKKLAX5.6 hrs1601500 lbs
2019-11-08Francisco RuizB738KLAXKDEN2.3 hrs1603000 lbs
2019-10-30Roberto NegronE170KLAXKSTS1.3 hrs5312985 lbs
2019-10-29Roberto NegronB788KDTWKLAX5.0 hrs238157300 lbs
2019-10-27Francisco RuizC560KOGDKLAX2.3 hrs80 lbs
2019-10-27Roberto NegronCL30KLAXKSTL3.4 hrs64342 lbs
2019-10-25Roberto NegronCL30KSFOKLAX1.3 hrs23136 lbs
2019-10-22Roberto NegronCL30KLAXKDCA4.8 hrs62765 lbs
2019-10-22Roberto NegronCL30KSAVKLAX5.0 hrs41465 lbs
2019-10-21Francisco RuizE170KLAXKPHX1.2 hrs801000 lbs
2019-10-18Francisco RuizC750KJFKKLAX5.7 hrs80 lbs
2019-10-18Ben BruegemanB752KLAXKSEA2.7 hrs1706000 lbs
2019-10-18Shaun HoganB733KSEAKLAX2.3 hrs884900 lbs
2019-10-17Ben BruegemanB752KPHXKLAX1.3 hrs1506000 lbs
2019-10-15Rodney LakeE145KRNOKLAX1.4 hrs650 lbs

Flight Map:

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