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This represents a transcript of the interactions between a pilot and ATC for a IFR flight from Reno (KRNO) to San Francisco (KSFO). Notice the pattern is always the same when a pilot first contacts a controller. The pilot states WHO he is, WHERE he is, and WHAT he wants to do.

(Pilot switches to RNO_DEL freq after filing FMG6.FMG.MOD2, FL310)

PILOT: Reno Delivery, Alliance 101 at the main terminal requesting IFR to San Francisco.

RNO_DEL: Alliance 101, clearance on request, stdby.

RNO_DEL: Alliance 101, I have your clearance, advise ready to copy.

PILOT: ready to copy, Alliance 101

RNO_DEL: Alliance 101 is cleared to San Francisco via the FMG6 dep, FMG transisition, then as filed. Climb and maintain 12,000, expect FL310 in 10 mins, dep freq 118.60, squawk 5510.

PILOT: Alliance 101 cleared to San Fran via FMG6 dep, FMG trans, then as filed, 12k then FL310 in 10, dep 118.60, squawking 5510.

RNO_DEL: Alliance 101, readback is correct. Contact ground on 121.40 for taxi.

PILOT: We'll call ground, good day, Alliance 101.

(Pilot switches to RNO_GND)

PILOT: Reno Ground, Alliance 101 at the maint terminal, ready for taxi, we have the weather.

RNO_GND: Alliance 101, Reno Ground, taxi to rwy 16R.

PILOT: to 16R, Alliance 101.

(Holding short at 16R, the pilot switches to tower freq)

PILOT: Reno Tower, Alliance 101, holding short 16R, ready to for takeoff.

RNO_TWR: Alliance 101, Reno Tower, winds 190 at 15, gust 23, rwy 16R cleared for takeoff.

PILOT: copy the winds, we're rolling, Alliance 101.

(after wheels up)

RNO_TWR: Alliance 101, contact Reno Departure.

PILOT: off to departure, so long, Alliance 101.

(Pilot switches to RNO_DEP freq.)

PILOT: Departure, Alliance 101 with you out of 5500 for 12,000.

RNO_DEP: Alliance 101, Reno Departure, radar contact, climb and maintain 16,000

PILOT: up to 16k, Alliance 101.

(between 10,000 - 14,000)

RNO_DEP: contact OAK CTR on 132.20

PILOT: off to center, so long, Alliance 101

(Pilot switches to OAK_CTR freq.)

PILOT: Oakland Center, good afternoon, Alliance 101 is with you out of 15 for 16.

OAK_CTR: Alliance 101, Oakland Center, c/m FL310.

PILOT: all the way to 310, Alliance 101.

(later in the flight)

OAK_CTR: cross CEDES at 11,000 at 250 knots, SFO alt 29.97.

PILOT: CEDES at 11, 250 knots, Alliance 101.

(when ready to descend)

PILOT: Alliance 101 leaving FL310 for 11.

OAK_CTR: Alliance 101, roger

(around FL180)

OAK_CTR: Alliance 101, contact norcal approach on 135.65.

PILOT: over to norcal, Alliance 101.

(Pilot switches to 135.65)

PILOT: norcal, Alliance 101 with you at 17,000 for 11 at CEDES at 250, we have the weather.

SFO_APP: Alliance 101, expect ILS 28R approach, depart CEDES hdg 240 then reduce speed 210kts.

PILOT: 240 after CEDES, then 210 on the speed for ILS 28R, Alliance 101.

SFO_APP: Alliance 101, descend and maintain 6000 then reduce speed 180kts

PILOT: 6k then 180 on the speed, 101.

SFO_APP: Alliance 101, 4 from DUMBA, fly hdg 260, maintain 4100 until established, cleared ILS 28R appch.

PILOT: 260 and 4100, cleared approach.

SFO_APP: maintain 180kts to the outer marker, contact tower 120.50.

PILOT: 180 to the marker, over to tower, 101.

(Pilot switches to SFO_TWR.)

PILOT: San Fran Tower, Alliance 101, with you for 28R.

SFO_TWR: Alliance 101, winds 300 at 25, rwy 28R cleared to land.

PILOT: cleared to land, 101.

(after landing, and slowing down while on runway)

SFO_TWR: welcome to SFO, exit left when able, cross 28L, contact ground 121.90.

PILOT: to the left, over 28L, then to ground, see ya, 101

(Pilot switches to ground)

PILOT: Ground, Alliance 101 is clear of 28L on Echo.

SFO_GND: Alliance 101, San Francisco Ground, taxi the gate via Alpha.

PILOT: to the gate via Alpha, Alliance 101.

(Flight is complete)
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