Pylon Racing League


pictureWelcome to The "Alliance Pylon Racing League", where trained Pilots can demonstrate their ability to fly high performance aircraft. The Alliance Pylon Racing League has developed a Race Course located at Reno Stead (KRTS) with three race courses; Unlimited, Sport Class, and Formula One.

Race pilots receive points at each race event based on how well they perform flying the Racing Aircraft on the Reno Stead race course. The race pilot that recieves the highest number of points at the end of the race season will be given the title of Alliance Airlines Pylon Racing Grand Champion for that race year. The Grand Champion Race Pilot will also receive a virtual 3D model of the Chuck Yeager Trophy with the Pilot's name engraved onto the Award winner's name plate.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Alliance Airways Pylon Raceing Grand Champion? If so, start by downloading all documents, scenery, and aircraft. Once you are familiar with the offcial pylon race regulations and the race aircraft, you are ready to race.

Alliance Racing League Qualification Procedures
Race Schedule
Race Results
All pilots must hold a minimum of Private Pilot Rank (6 hrs).

All pilots must be familiar with, and abide by, all rules and regulations governing closed course Pylon Air Racing as set forth in the Official Alliance Racing Competition Rules.

Only Aircraft that have been developed by Alliance Airways and certified to race at Reno Stead by Alliance Airways can be used (no third party aircraft) for competition. Current race aircraft include the LGEZ (EZ Rocket), and the CR01 (Cassutt Racer)

Course Description and Race Rules
Race FTP - For Race Situation Files Only
Season Schedule

Race Season

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